Tuesday, February 9, 2010

San Antonio: Day 23

Twenty feet below street level visitors can sip margaritas and feast on any number of local specialties as they watch the flat-bottomed chalupa boats float down the San Antonio River. This 2-1/2 mile stretch of river bank is bordered by stone walks and lined with shops, restaurants, hotels, bars and museums. It's traversed by 13 bridges and flanked by 11,000 trees.

Ask most travelers about San Antonio and they might mention the Alamo. But more than an outpost at the edge of the South Texas Plains, this town is the seventh largest city in the US.

The night these travelers discovered the River Walk it was unseasonably cold and windy for January. We chose to sit outside on the verandah under the propane heaters and bundled up in wool panchos, while our server prepared a bowl of fresh guacamole at tableside.


  1. Interesting and informative blog about San Antonio. You have a real knack for bringing places to life. I have been there several times and enjoy staying at one of the hotels on the Riverwalk. Your companion doesn't look as if he is enjoying the low temp. Perhaps a smile would help him convince himself that he's having fun.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Babs. Had I snapped a photo a few minutes later - after he had a warm-up margarita, you would have seen a broader smile!