Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flat Stanley's Adventures in Georgia

After reading Jeff Brown's "Flat Stanley," Alyssa sent me her cutout version of the main character. She asked if I would show him around and document his adventure. Here is my response:

Flat Stanley arrived in Valdosta, Georgia on a busy Tuesday morning in April. The town is nicknamed “The Azalea City” (azaleas are a pretty flowering bush that blooms in the early springtime)

Valdosta is 1,000 miles south of Chicago. Stanley had come a long, long way.

He wondered what wonderful things he could find there, so he read The Valdosta Daily Times. In it he found things to do and places to go.

"Where shall I visit first", he wondered? " I’ll ride into town and see what there is to see."

Along the way he saw many flowers already in bloom. He learned that it almost never snows in south Georgia. Even the winter is warm. You never have to wear gloves or a hat, unless you want to.

There are many pine trees here, and they grow very tall.

In the town square, Stanley was happy to see a Welcome sign.

He looked around and saw the Courthouse. In front of the Courthouse is a statue honoring important people of the town.

Stanley also saw a very old church.

Stanley likes flowers so much he decided to visit The Crescent Center. All the garden clubs in town meet here and plant pretty flowers.

Next, Stanley went to the pecan store. He learned that pecans grow on trees that are planted in large groves. When the pecans are ripe the farmer shakes the trees to make them fall to the ground. Then the pecans are brought here to be shelled and packaged.

Next door to the pecan factory is a farmers market. The townspeople shop for vegetables here.

Seeing the pecans and vegetables was making Stanley hungry. He drove by the grocery store called Winn-Dixie.

But he was too hungry to wait, so he went to the Red Door Record store.

He was happy to see that he could get a slaw dog there. In the South people eat coleslaw on their hot dogs.

On the way back to his new friend’s house, he drove by the big University in town, called Valdosta State University. "Maybe I can go to college here when I grow up," he thought.

The next day, Flat Stanley went back home to his friend. "I can’t wait to tell Alyssa all about my adventures in Georgia!"