Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Montevideo: Days 12 - 21

Two days later, I felt miserable and became convinced I would shrivel up in the hotel without seeing the light of day. Between Monday morning (when I weighed myself in Panama) and Thursday I had lost 38 pounds. (No typo here).

Friday morning, called in the doctor - this was the 3rd one. He assured me I was on the right path, and added Cipro. He also didn't seem too concerned about all the weight loss, and assured me I would gain it all back... drat!

So what does one do all day then (esp. with only 1 or 2 channels of English language TV?) I was too sick to do anything except drag myself to the bathroom, and drink Gatorade and/or ice water. Did not even have the strength to open/read/write emails. Too tired to read. Too tired to open the computer, except for short bursts after a long rest. Slept hour after hour, day after day. Now I'm trying to catch up on things.

Total consumption of solid food: 3 tablespoons of rice, 2 tablespoons of applesauce and a banana in 5 days.

When my health began to improve we went to a favorite restaurant where I nibbled on plain chicken. The picture above shows the facade of Locos de Asada, and its sister restaurant Tannat.

Not a fun way to enjoy Montevideo for 11 days, but we did see some lovely sunsets from the room.

Finally mustered the strength to walk around and enjoy some of the lovely summer days in downtown Montevideo. The picture on the left shows a vendor of mate (the national drink of Uruguay) mugs, while the one on the right was taken at one of the many city squares where craftsmen sell their wares.


  1. OMG...38 lbs. in 4 days--you did better than "the biggest losers" and without exercise! That is no fun; glad you're all better. Cross your fingers that you don't gain all of the weight back. ;-) You'll have to give Montevideo another visit someday when you're healthy.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Babs. This was my second visit to Montevideo. It's a lovely city with terrific, friendly people and first-rate medical attention. Note to readers: I did NOT catch the virus in MVD, and they did a great job getting me back on my feet.

    My favorite way to start the day there was to walk to the Confiteria la Corunesa for sweet, crispy empanada atun. MVD is definitely on my 'must return to enjoy the city, people and their great summer weather' list.