Saturday, December 12, 2009

Southward-Ho: Day 5 (Tarpon Springs)

The village of Tarpon Springs is the center of Greek culture since the early 20th century. Across the street from the restaurants, sponge shops and bakeries of Dodecanese boulevard, lie the sponge docks. You can walk right up to the boats laden with their catch, and peer into the windows.

At the market sample retsina - the heady bouquet of pine resin jumps up your nose even before you taste the golden wine. Rodites is softer on the tongue.

Halki Market sells olives in bulk at the back of the little grocery with its shelves filled with an array of olive oils and spices.

Next to and adjoining the Hellas Restaurant is the bakery of the name. Shelves are packed with a tempting variety of homemade Greek specialties.

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