Thursday, December 10, 2009

Southward-Ho: Day 3 (Chattanooga to Valdosta)

Chattanooga, TN to Valdosta, GA should take only 6 hours or so by direct route. We opted to see more of backroads Georgia through pecan groves, small towns, cotton fields and the gorgeous Georgia pines. Took longer, but worth the detour.

Need a deer processed into venison steaks or sausage? You can find a place to have it done in rural Georgia.
And, for some inexplicable reason, you'll see a red car perched atop scaffolding - its trunk loaded with boxes decked out in Christmas wrapping.

A few miles later we saw a Tyson truck loaded with chickens, heading into town. Yes, that Tyson

It's sunny and in the 60's, and we're headed further South.

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