Sunday, February 26, 2012

Going from Eeww to Aaahh in 2 Days

Ever wonder how a leaky pool gets fixed and prepped for the swim season?

Step 1: Start with a hole in the ground, filled with 21,000 gallons of lime green colored water. No it’s not a special effect--think of it as a giant Petri dish filled with algae.

Step 2: Steam off the surface. This clears off the slime and softens the vinyl liner.

Step 3: Slice then peel off the old liner. Oh … guess I wasn’t expecting that underneath.

Step 4: Resurface with a skim coat.

Step 5: Open a surprisingly small cardboard box and roll out the new liner.

Step 6: Overlay the liner onto the sandy concrete base. Think of it as a supersized tablecloth.

Step 7: Add a little water and pity the frogman who has to dive into 50-degree water to install the drain cover in the deep end.

Step 8: Make a cut out for the steps.

Step 9: Add water with a garden hose. A lot more water. Keep adding water all day and all night. Have freakish nightmares about your upcoming water bill.

Step 10: Grab a beach towel. Put on your swim fins. Wait for warm weather.

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