Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chicago to Panama: Day 1

Panama sunset at 37,000 ft.

Another cold, grey January day in Chicago. Time to leave for one of our favorite Latin American cities: Panama.

First leg: 2-1/2 hours from Chicago to Houston, then another 3-1/2 hours from Houston to Panama. Ran into some weather just outside of Houston (all the way to Cozumel). 90-minutes of heavy chop - so bad, it shut down the in-flight Direct TV. The seatbelt sign never went dark. Then, when they could finally navigate the aisles, the
flight attendants passed out a lunch that included a large serving of (meat or fish) and spiced lentils. As if the bumpy ride didn't produce enough intestinal disturbance ... they load you up on enough legumes guaranteed to set off a smoke detector. Who thinks these things up !?!?!

Our flight attendants were from
Columbia, and asked if I spoke any Spanish - to which I replied, "I know 3 words: ceviche, cerveza and banos". They assured me this would cover all my needs.

Arriving early in the evening, we stowed the luggage, we headed down for dinner at Barandas in the Bristol Hotel - in the heart of the business district.

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